About Diner Capital

Why Diner Capital was created.

One summer Will Cosulich decided to go try a new diner for dinner one night each week. He tried finding a good New Jersey diner directory online. All the diner sites he found were either incomplete or outdated. So he decided to create the most complete and uptodate diner directory, guide to New Jersey's diners and a place to record his travels to new interesting diners. Diner lovers would now have a place they could go to find a new diner to eat at that they might not have found otherwise. The only diners that would make our list would be diners that he has personally eaten at, or that some one could verify the existence of. Old diners that once were will also have a place on Diner Capital and be archived for sentimental value. One of his goals is to try to personally eat at each an every diner that gets listed on this site.

Diner Capital needs your help.

Diner Capital is looking for help from the diner going community. We need help solving 2 issues at the moment. We want to know from our users what their definition of a diner would be. We will be posting a survey shortly to let you all help us fomulate our definition of what a diner is. For now you send us your thoughts through our feeback form.

Also New Jersey has so many diners that it would it a while for us to visit all the wonderful diners this state has to offer. We would love for the diner community to help provide us with information about their favorite diner. We will still try to personally visit as many diners as we can.